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Study For Icarus


Completed in 2014

41.5" Tall x 35" x 38.5" Wide

About the Sculpture

-Two years to create, working an average of 5 hours a week in my spare time

-Sculpted from life, working with a local figure model
-Cast in 12 sections in a foundry which I restored specifically to cast this sculpture

-This sculpture is titled "Study for Icarus" because it is the beginning (hence study) of a more complex and ambitious project.
-The figure is sculpted in a classical Greek style.  This style requires a much greater understanding of the forms than a looser style that can hide imperfections.

-As the work of a single individual the sculpture is not an edition, although a limited number will be produced and stamped (3 castings + 1 AP) each one is akin to an original painting and each one will have several individualized variations as anything 100% handmade is likely to have.

Pictured Above is the Process of Creation: From Clay to Wax to Bronze

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