California Sculpture Academy
California Sculpture Academy

Brandon Roy

Artist Statement


     In order to create a masterpiece it is necessary for a sculptor to have both in depth knowledge and a hands on approach to all aspects of their sculptures creation.


     It is my belief that the passion put into an original clay sculpture can only be transferred into the bronze through the sculptors continual involvement throughout the entire casting process.  Today the process of creating bronze artwork has been separated from the sculptor. Wax working, casting, welding, chasing and patination are all done by different people at the foundry. However there are too many areas where the sculpture can be improved upon or inversely neglected during its creation to leave to happenstance. 


     My sculptures are created in clay and cast in bronze with my expertise and skilled hand guiding every step.   A return to the time when artist and craftsman are one is the core of how I believe sculpture should be made. 

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