California Sculpture Academy
California Sculpture Academy

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The California Sculpture Academy was started by Brandon Roy in 2012 in order to provide classical training and real world job skills to aspiring professional sculptors.  In today's economy it is important for people to have a versatile skillset which is why in addition to academic drawing and sculpting we train our students to be proficient in metal fabrication, welding, machining, metal casting, woodworking, and 3d modeling.  Work as a sculptor can come in many forms and covers a variety of fields so we give our students the knowledge and technical ability to navigate the path of their choosing.


Located in a building that has an operational bronze foundry, the CSA has the perfect location to train sculptors in both the organic and industrial aspects of sculpture production.


 Our goal is to train sculptors with the ability of translating our modern culture and ideas into artworks that will document and convey our human experience and aspirations to future generations.

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California Sculpture Academy
550 Industrial Way, Unit C

Fallbrook ,Ca 92028
(760) 987-4804

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